There's three core services I offer those wishing to work with me.


SEO is the backbone of my professional knowledge. I started my career building successful SEO operations for the world's best media companies, and I'm excited to work with you.

You'll get a full technical audit, on-page SEO optimization, keyword research and a strategy that fits with your budget and the needs of your business. What you want to do isn't always what you can afford to do, and I'm going to help you understand where your opportunities and limitations are. When we're done working together you'll be set up for success.

One of my passions is helping people grow their paid ads by not breaking the bank. With a targeted testing approach we can find a strategy that works without blowing through a huge marketing budget. I'll get to know your business and your clients as well as the features of the product or service you are selling. We'll create a testing strategy that works for you and we'll test ads and then scale them as we find the copy and customer profile that works.


I've worked with dozens of companies over the last decade helping them best serve their audience and business needs through content. Every business is different, and the content strategy needs to reflect their unique challenges and opportunities.

I'll work with you to come up with content that helps grow your audience and build your brand. Also, through my network of freelance writers and editors I can help you build quality content that you'll be proud to have your audience discover.

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